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How to shop on Amazon using Bitcoin and Get upto 30% off

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Everyone know about bitcoin as It was the most viral topic in 2017-18. Many of you will still be having some bitcoin in your purse. Well there is a better way for you to utilise your cryptocurrencies by online shopping on Amazon with upto 30% off.

Bitcoin, for those who don’t know is a digital currency. It is managed by Advanced Encryption techniques. It has no physical form. It is just a number in your bitcoin wallet which you can exchange for real cash.

Read how bitcoin works and technology behind this revolutionary cryptocurrency.

Using you can buy stuff from Amazon using cryptocurrency and get upto 30% off on original price. It is a good deal if you are not sure how to use your cryptocurrencies.

How it Works

Working of Purse.Io is based on Shopper-Earner model. We will explain that model later in this post. First let us discuss two types of discount they offer.

  •  Lightning fast saving : If you are in hurry and want quick delivery of your orders you can set discount to 5% and pay using cryptocurrency. Your order is manager by purse and will be delivered to you with quickest delivery with 5% off.
  • Name your own discount: If you want to have heavy discount on your order, you can select your own discount in range 6% to 33%. There is a catch that you will need to compromise on delivery speed. Well at least you get huge discount if you are not too concerned about quicker delivery options.
shop using bitcoin

Now lets explain Shopper-Earner model on which Purse.IO is based on

This model is used when you use second of the two discount methods I mentioned above i.e Name your own discount. As a Shopper, when  you select discount more that 5%, this information goes to Earners. There are many people who own unwanted gift cards are want to get rid of them. Earners are people who are willing to exchange their gift cards with bitcoin. They exchange their gift cards below the USD value of the card. As a result you get the discount and Earners are able to cash in their Amazon gift cards.

If you are US resident you can directly use Purse to buy stuff Fromm their official website. (Where they list Amazon products)

For international users, below is the step by step process to place your order

Step 1: Visit on Amazon official website and go to the products page you want to purchase.

Step 2: Add that item to an existing or new Wishlist. Make user the Wishlist is public

Step 3: Open the Wishlist where you saved the product you want to purchase.

Step 4: Click on Option “Send Link To Others” on top of the list and Copy the link.

Step 5 : Create an account on Purse.IO if you haven’t already.

Step 6: Go to main page and select “Import Wish List” option on top of the page.

Step 7: Past the URL you copied in Step 4.

Step 8: Select the discount amount you wish to get and place your order.

Note: In case you select discount amount more than 6%, your delivery speed depends on the time it takes for earners to accept your offer. Higher the discount you choose, slower will be the delivery speed. For best balance between speed and discount choose discount in range 15%-20%.

So get ready and make some good use of your bitcoin. Most of you would already have a bitcoin account. No issues if you don’t have bitcoins, I am planning to write an article on step by step procedure to set up bitcoin account. Stay tuned for that. Subscribe to our newsletter where we share the latest articles with you. Don’t worry we wont spam you. You will receive only 1 mail per month.

Please give your suggestions and issues if any in the comment box below. I Would be more than happy to help you. Let us know if you like online shopping articles. See you in next article.

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