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What does CTR mean in Google Adsense?

CTR in Google Adsense
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You must have heard about CTR i.e Click Through Rate if ever you were interested in Internet/Online Marketing. This is the most common term one comes across. If you are a blogger, you might have come across this word. Most of the bloggers search the keyword with higher CTR to be integrated with their post to increase the chance that visitor would click on the Ads.

CTR, as discussed earlier, is the short form of Click Through Rate. For bloggers, CTR is simply the number of ads clicked divided by the number of page views.

Page CTR    = Number of Clicks on Ad/ Page views
Page CTR% = Number of Clicks on Ad*100/Page views
or simply CTR% = CTR*100

For example, for a particle page you have an Ad that is clicked 50 times and for same time duration your page was viewed 3500 times then, CTR = 50 divided by 3500 i.e 0.0142CTR% = 0.014*100 = 1.42%

Why we must not only care about CTR while finding keywords for blog posts?

Most of the times beginners go for words which has higher CTR, however, be aware that higher CTR does not confirm higher pay. Payment for Ads on Google Adsense or any other platform is calculated based on various factors, CTR being one of them. Apart from that CTR varies for words that have different niches however that does not give us the clue as to which niches would earn more. Similarly, CTR keeps changing time to time. Some words could have higher CTR on holidays others on busy days, some on weekends others on weekdays.

Also, very high CTR is also not good for your blog. Having very high CTR than expected may bring your Google Adsense earnings to zero as your account may get suspended by Google. Such high CTRs are mostly due to bot clicks. So one should focus on Pay Per Click apart from CTR as base.

Hope you liked basic info about CTR in Adsense. Write down your thoughts below what you want more on this topic, I will be happy to write that for you.

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