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Best Ways To Increase Website Traffic

increase website traffic
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So you have been writing article but wants to gain traffic to your blog, Right? After all who would reject the rewards for hard work they put on creating posts.I have been blogging for few months now on different channels. I am going to tell you about some of the best ways to increase website traffic.

I recently wrote an article on Must have WordPress Plugins for blogger. This article is my compiled list of best plugins I use.

Social Media Sharing

It is very important to let people know about your posts. With Social media boom, what better place to share them. I consider Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, Pin-interest, Reddit accounts must for any blogger. These are the best ways you can share your blog and also get their feedback instantly. You can go with many others as well apart from listed above. More number of social accounts you have, better are your chances to increase website traffic.

If you want quick results, go with paid campaign provided by platforms like Facebook Ads etc. It is available at cheap rate as compared to other platforms like Google Ads. But if you are just beginning  in this field and does not want to spend money, you can still share posts with your friends on social media. You can generate a fare amount of traffic for free.

Here are some tips for sharing your posts on Social Media:

  • Make your own Page / Groups : For platforms like Facebook, you can create your own page to invite people to your blog. You can share your posts and let others discover them.
  • Share your posts multiple times:  One thing that most of people does not do is share their blogs multiple times. I would suggest to share old posts. Most people forget what they read few months back, pitching them with older posts will make them read it once more and there by increase website traffic.
  • Re-share only posts that you consider good. Sharing irreverent or poorly written posts can do you more harm than good.
  • Make a Youtube Channel: Integrating your blog with youtube helps it get higher traffic. Not everyone would like to start one, but I consider it good to have to redirect your traffic from Youtube to blog and vice-versa.

Write Guest Posts

One of the most important part in SEO is Backlinks. This is one of the factor used by google to rank their search results. If your posts has backlinks from trusted sites, it will boom your post to higher rank and increase website traffic. I consider this to be the best way to get people know about your blog. It increases the visibility of your blog

First step is to find sites that suits your niche. Never try to get backlinks from sites other than your niche. It wont help much. Most of the websites allow guest posts to get a backlink. Having a lot of backlinks wont help as well. Get few backlinks but get them from trusted websites who have enough monthly readers.

You can find sites to guest post by either google search by your niche or on social media platforms.

Improve Page Load Time

Mostly people want quick results. They will not wait for your site to load, they would rather jump to other ones. So improving loading time on your site is very important. Another reason for improving page load time is that Google also considers this as a factor in ranking their search results.

Here are Few Tips to improve your Page Load Time:

  • Reduce the size of your Post: Here by size I don’t mean content. I mean overall space required by post including images and other attachments. Compress the images before uploading on your blog. This will greatly decrease the size of page. There are many tools to help you with that. If your are using WordPress, I would suggest a free plugin called “Smush” for same. It automatically compresses the images uploaded in library.
  • Using a caching tool: If you are not using any caching tool by now, you are already behind many in race to improve page load times. You can get free caching tools, either by your hosting sites or as WordPress Plugin as well.

Keyword Planning

Before publishing your post, it is better to know the keyword you will be focussing on. You can check for the most searched keywords on official Google Keyword Planner. Then you can pick out the keywords to suit your post. Try to use it few times in your post, so that it makes sense. Using keywords in Title enhances your chances for better ranking for that keyword and thereby increasing traffic.

Here are some of my favourite sites for Keyword Planning:

  • Google Keyword Planner: Just search “Google Keyword Planner” on Google. You will get link for keyword planner by google. You can get the “Average monthly searches“, “Competition”, “Low and High Page Bid” for particular Keyword.
  • MOZ SEO Tools: If you are looking for more information for particular keyword, you can go with paid tools like MOZ. If you want your can try out their services as they provide 30 days free trial.

Spending time on your keyword is important. It helps to get organic traffic to your blog. Each post should have exactly one keyword in focus. Stuffing posts with too many Keywords can have negative impact.

So these are some of the best ways to increase website traffic. I have not covered about On-Page SEO in this post. On-Page SEO is also very important to get higher traffic on your blog. I will cover same in my later blogs. Comment down any queries. I would love to reply back.
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  1. Robin

    Thank you for these tips! I had attempted to use the keyword planner before but must have got distracted. I already use smush but didn’t know about the cache so I’m glad I read 🙂

  2. Blair Leggatt

    This is very helpful. There is so much information out there it’s hard to keep it all organized when you are starting out. I can use these ideas, it will make the next steps in my planning easier.

  3. Ruth

    Ooh thank you for this info, it’s really helpful and hopefully it will help me and a lot of people. I try to share my blog posts as much as possible 🙂

  4. Rachael Hope

    Some really great advice here! I love reading posts like this. Thanks for the reminder regarding some of these tips!!


  5. Tizzy Says

    Another great way to increase traffic is to run giveaways. Giveaway hops, especially, because all of the other blogs also push new subscribers and visitors your way.

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