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Best Low Investment Online Business Ideas

Best Low Investment Online Business Ideas
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With the increase in access to Free Internet across the globe, we see an increase in people who wants to try out some online business. Whether you want to start an online business for fun or as the main source of income, we present you best online business ideas.

This article mainly focusses on online business ideas which can be set up free of cost or at minimum investment. It is always a good idea to have a secondary source of income, to achieve financial independence.

If you want to read how to achieve financial independence, read our article on How to be financially Independent

Now let’s look at the top ten online business ideas which can be started at very low investment.

Freelance Writing

If you are a writing enthusiast and love to write stories or article, there are plenty of opportunities are out there on the online platform where you can showcase your talent and make handsome amount of money as well.

There are a lot of websites which offer you a handsome amount to write an article for them. Below are some online websites which are very good for starting your writing career.

Virtual Assistant

Based on your abilities you can find people for whom you can work as virtual assistant. Pay is really good as virtual assistant. You can find people on websites like UPWork, and can take some of their works and complete and submit online to them. This is a good way to work in your desired area of interest.

Affilate Marketing

Online Marketing has become very common now a days.Most of highly established companies are moving towards making an online presence. Affiliate mrketing is where you promote the products of particlar organisation/ company using your own social media presence.

Companies like Amazon, ebay offer handsome amount if a shopper buys stuff using your link. You can promote stuff on your blog, instagram and facebook account. Most of the compnies offer 10-15% of the product price as your compensation. It is upto you how much you can convince people to buy product.

Also it is required that you promote product you highly belive in. It is a process where you need to gain trust of people. People are more likely to use your link to buy stuff if they belive you are recommending right products to them.

To start affilate marketing with any comapany, you can google search “affiliate companyname”, where companyname is the name of the organisation whose product you want to promote.

Online Book Publishing

If you are a writer and loves to write articles, stories then you could also publish your book online. There are a huge number of readers of online books. Infact number of users who love to read books online has gone up with ease of access to internet.

I am thiking about writing an article on how to publish your books online. However here are some great platforms for you to check if you want to publish your work for others to enjoy.


This is one of the most rewading online business idea if you work hard for it. The cost of hosting services and domain name has gone down a lot. Blogging is where you have your own website/blog where you publish content particular to a niche of your choice.

If you want to just start out blogging for fun, you can start with free alternatives like blogspot or wordpress. Howvere if you are serious about blogging and want to make a living out of this, then you need a low initial investment. If you want to read about best hosting service providers, please go through article on “Best Web Hosting Services to get started with Blogging“.

So above are some of the best low investment online business ideas to get into online world and make living out of it. Please feel free to share your thoughs down below in comments. I am planning to write article on each of the topics discussed above.

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